Our Homes/Homeowners

Existing Homes Model

These homes were added to the Community Land Trust inventory under the Existing Homes Model.  In each case, the homeowner was aware of the benefits of Community Land Trusts and sought out the TJCLT for partnership in purchasing their first home. In the Existing Homes Model, a family will go out into the existing market with the TJCLT as a partner to find an affordable home that meets the required housing standards and the homeowner’s needs. On one home, the homeowner was able to make a variety of energy efficient improvements to her home, which has made homeownership even more affordable for her family by cutting electricity costs.

Habitat Homes Model

These homes were built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville, with two of the units also built in partnership with the City of Charlottesville.  In each case, the buyers were first-time homeowners. In the Habitat Homes model, the TJCLT purchases and retains ownership of the land with Habitat constructing the homes.  The homeowner income qualification and selection process are conducted under Habitat’s existing homeownership program.

New Construction Homes Model

Sold! The TJCLT added four new construction homes to their portfolio on Nassau Street. These homes were built in partnership with the City of Charlottesville and Bramante Homes, Inc.  These homes were built with a special grant to construct to “Zero-Energy” standards, including rooftop solar panels. Under the new construction homes model, the TJCLT acquires lots and then works with a private-sector developer and builder to build the homes.  The TJCLT partners with Piedmont Housing Alliance to income-qualify our homebuyers. See the Recently Sold page for details on the new Nassau Street homes.